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Experienced technology and management consultants, crafting innovative solutions for clients worldwide

Hartsco is a premier professional services company dedicated to delivering excellence across a multitude of disciplines.

With a strong foundation in technology, construction and manufacturing sectors, we offer a wide array of services that encompass software development, business analysis, project management, artificial intelligence, web and mobile application creation, cloud integration, and transformation services.

Our team is driven by passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to provide solutions that drive growth and success for our clients. At Hartsco, we don’t just offer services, we create value.

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Damian Hartin


Harnessing his extensive thirty-year track record in corporate technology across diverse sectors, Damian is primed to bring out the best in your project, adopting a holistic approach that prioritizes both innovation and sustainability.

How we work

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We start with a client briefing where we engage in an initial meeting to understand your vision, objectives, and requirements. This phase includes a gap analysis where we assess the current state of your operations and identify areas of improvement or needs. To ensure both parties are continuously aligned, we maintain an open feedback loop throughout our discussions..


Our collaboration evolves into a brainstorming session, internally and with you, to generate a myriad of possible solutions or ideas. Following this, we craft basic prototypes or drafts of the proposed service or solution for visualization. This conceptualization then undergoes a stakeholder review where we present the ideas to key stakeholders and gather invaluable feedback, iterating accordingly.


Final strategy

Our team then consolidates and fine-tunes the concepts, combining the best aspects into a coherent, impactful strategy. We validate this strategy, ensuring it's not only feasible but also meets your objectives and aligns with industry best practices. Once solidified, we provide a detailed strategy document that outlines the steps, timelines, and expected outcomes, setting the stage for practical execution.


With the strategy in hand, we kick off the project, defining clear roles and responsibilities for all parties involved. The execution phase commences based on the approved final strategy, with every effort made to adhere to the outlined plan. Throughout this phase, we place a significant emphasis on progress monitoring, keeping you updated on the status, milestones achieved, and discussing any adjustments needed.

Testing & evaluation

Our commitment to quality takes precedence in this phase. We conduct thorough quality assurance tests to ensure all deliverables meet defined standards. Post our internal checks, we invite you, our client, to evaluate the implemented solutions in a controlled environment. Your feedback is paramount, and we integrate any necessary refinements based on the outcomes of these tests and your valuable insights.

Support & updates

As we transition from active implementation, we equip your team with the necessary training, ensuring they can effectively use and manage the new solution. Our relationship extends beyond project completion. We offer dedicated support channels for any immediate concerns post-implementation and remain vigilant of industry trends, providing periodic updates to ensure that the solution we've delivered remains current and consistently effective in the ever-evolving landscape.

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